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About Us

Two weeks before a big ol’ tree fell on her house, our founder Robin Cedar noticed the tree was aging and got worried, but she just didn’t know who to call. Less than a year later, she’d filed the papers to found Timber, so no one would find themselves without a quality lumberjack again.

We’ve all been there. Flipping through the phonebook, all those cut-rate lumberjacks just waiting to empty your pockets for subpar work. No more!

Timber does away with the guess work. Request one of our highly qualified lumber strategists, or have us pick one suited to your needs. Then you can rest your mind, confident the work will be done right, quickly, and for a fair price. 

At Timber we value three things: quality, safety, and the happiness of our customers. Also pancakes. So four things. We pride ourselves on having a long record of satisfied customers. But don’t take our word for it. Happy customer and little-known actor Spruce Willis said, “Just after moving into my new house, the aging trees in the backyard were the last thing I had time to deal with. Timber sent out a couple of their amazing lumber alchemists, and the whole job was done in less than a day. Yippee ki yay!” Thanks, Spruce!


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